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European Ford Event 2014 - Uk Report


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What a cracking weekend! Its not the same scale that Ford Fair is, but more and more people attend each year to help keep it alive since 1991 and a few cars from the UK continue to go to help support. Plus its a good excuse to get some guaranteed sun, beer, a look around some unusual styles of cars and more importantly....reasonable food and drink prices at the show ground, unlike Silverstone!

Nothing massive to report like my previous Gatebil thread etc, as its a fairly simple run from start to finish and to arrange. There's various ways of getting to the show, which is situated in Venray, Holland (around 2 hours from the Nurburgring). Some take the ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, where its around 1.5 hours drive to Venray. But for a good run out in our cars, most take the Chunnel which takes 3 hours from Calais. We decided on this route.

We stayed at Hotel Asteria from Friday to Sunday, which hosts a lot of benefits. Its 5 miles away from the show ground, is situated around some amazing driving roads, has a Mcdonalds across the road (:lol:) and an epic jet wash a few meters up the road that seems to last forever on 4 Euros. The whole trip is very reasonably priced throughout, so I hope more people can attend next year. I'll let the pics do the talking (stolen most of the pics from other sites, SO SORRY GUYS!).

I'm pleased to say that one of the group, Mark (Cab2Cos) won the Concourse competition at the show :top::top::top:

Our cars...

Cleaned and checked over before the road trip...



A bit of handy advertisement comes in handy...


Some hotel carpark banter snacks ready...


A nervous Jim Gibbs before boarding the Channel Tunnel :lol:


On route...


Arrived at the hotel a little later than planned, having hit the Friday traffic at the Anwerp Ring :cry:



Checking the car over on arrival :lol:


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Good to hear you had a great time! Its nothing compared to Ford Fair, but for us is kind of big. Ford is not that hot in Holland and surrounding country's. I liked your cars, i remember the Ka Cos from last Ford Fair and i like your Focus! Its allways nice to see some UK people at Dutch shows!

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