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It was in Fast Ford in 2012 ;)

Its going in Performance Ford this time.

Since having the new beam, I had an issue with the original handbrake cable mounts being a little shorter than before to make room for the rosejoint adjuster. So had to cut the cable a little. Found this neat little billet clamp which has worked a treat. Normally used for throttle cables on go karts :top:



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Got busy today. But one of the AN fittings had small hairline cracks so wasn't sealing, resulting in a fuel leak. So ordered another and she should be good to go :)


Few sneaky ones from the Performance Ford magazine shoot ;)




Wasn't happy with the fuel pump bracket in its position, so moved it along a bit and remade a couple of the AN fittings using Torques fittings. Looks cleaner now.


old above, new below





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A few updates to report. Got everything sorted and down to SCS for its new year MOT and Ford Fair run. Whilst tinkering after its long run since last year, decided against the Monte wheel now, having popped one alongside the car and thought "naaah, RL7's for the win" :top: Also sold my front seats and gone for some new Corbeau Club Sports. Wanted the Recaro pole positions, but can't justify the price of them considering the Corbeau's are virtually identical in every way apart from the logo :cry: Anyways, hopefully they'll be here in time before the ford show over in Holland in September (one week before...eeek!!!)





Fresh MOT :)


At Ford Fair


and the new seats, nice and subtle.


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Cheers, just waiting on seats which should be here on Tuesday. Then its off to have the suspension geometry set up by Robin, the ex Lotus F1 engineer that set up Senna's Lotus F1 car back in the day :)

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Long overdue update, also bought a fiesta as my new daily. Will lower it on some 16" Lenso's :)

Got my new Corbeau Club Sport seats this morning. Cracking seat, pretty much identical to Recaro SPG's at only £300 for the pair. Bargain! :top:

Wheel alignment booked tomorrow with Robin Taylor, the ex-F1 engineer that setup Senna's F1 Lotus back in the day :)




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Ventured over to Porsche specialist Ninemeister in Warrington today to sort out the geometry on my 6 degree beam and rose jointed TCA's. Cracking setup there and the car responds very well :)


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Just loved this!


Wonder who's the quickest :lol:


A bit of a clunk had developed in my Supra diff, so I decided to finally get Bara Motorsport to check it out and rebuild it, along with a Weir Performance stage 1 MAXGRIP kit. On inspection, the usual backlash issues with Supra diffs had come to light on mine, but everything else was completely immaculate considering its age. Crush sleeve was replaced along with a couple of seals, but the bearings were spot on (which are about 250 a set :cry:)

The original breaking point sat at 40 lb/ft which isn't really good, but after fitting the new kit, its now a good 97 lb/ft. Shouldn't be able to make 1 wheel spin anytime soon :) There's various other kits available for the kit, but a little extreme for road/track use. More suitable for full on drifters who take the cheaper option of welding their diffs.

A little about the kit from the States http://www.weirperformance.com/maxgriplsdkits.html


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