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  1. jimbojambojumbo

    *GUIDE* Retrofit Dab Into MK7 pre-facelift

    Glad to be of help my friend ?
  2. jimbojambojumbo

    New Member From UK How to retrofit DAB into a MK7 with success

    guide is up did you use the sony screen or keep your original screen?and is it in pre facelift?
  3. Finally got Dab to work in the 09 fiesta titanium i wouldn't say its been an easy retrofit the problem most people will come up against is firstly finding the right part numbers especially in a pre-facelift without sync the parts needed are AA6T-18BC815-XG sony audio control module BA6T-18B955-FB sony screen (the original screen in a prefacelift will most likely not be able to show DAB in its menu at least mine wouldn't even after updating its software to the latest version) they do come up on ebay this radio only has the the 2 fakra aerial connectors and one 24 pin plug on the rear so if you have the early loom you will need to make a modified loom from two parrot leads there is a guide for this titled retro fit non dab to fiesta mk7.I used autoleads SOT- T harness CT10FD09 and autoleads SOT-934 Accessory interface lead.When making this loom make sure you leave at least a couple of inches on the wires you don't use as you will be using one of these pins to take a positive feed for the aerial amplifier Aerial Parts needed with Ford Finis numbers 1559265 Aerial Mast 1766996 Aerial wire (from radio to mast) this finis number has possibly been superseded i don't have the new number however i do have the part number BA6T-18812-DC 1738453 Aerial base 1748717 Aerial wire that connects to 1766996 and runs to the rear 1744786 Aerial amplifier (cheaper on the bay with the mount bracket BA6T-18C847-AB) 1473776 Bolt to mount aerial amplifier 1767007 Small loom that links aerial amplifer to Dab rear aerial (groundplate) that mounts behind the bumper BA6T-18A886-BC 1780026 Rear dab aerial (ground plate) BA6T-18A886-AC you will also need someone with a UCDS obd programmer TO MODIFY THE ASBUILT FILE AND UPLOAD TO THE BCM (BODY CONTROL MODULE) AND IPC (INSTRUMENT PANEL CLUSTER) as no matter how i modified it with forscan i could not get it to work The UCDS adapter is 100 euros for the device youll also need an unlimited licence which is 80 euros and 1 level 1 token loaded which is 10 euros plus postage and paypal fees so they are not cheap but they are able to do so much more than a modified elm programmer (ford updates,mileage edits,update dash layouts on different vehicles which if you look into you'll agree its a great investment. YOU WILL NEED TO SWAP PINS 7&9 IN THE SCREEN PLUG (FCDIM) AS THE SONY SCREEN HAS DIFFERENT PIN OUTS TO THE STANDARD SCREEN AND WILL NOT LIGHT UP IF YOU DON'T (AND AS STATED EARLIER THE ORIGINAL IS NOT CAPABLE IN PRE FACE LIFTS OF SHOWING DAB IN MENU AT LEAST MINE 8A6T-18B955-BH WASN'T I DISCONNECTED BATTERY AND RECONNECTED AND AFTER DOING ALL THIS DAB WAS IN THE MENU. Fitting the aerials i had to remove the roof light and mounting, o/s sun visor rear trim above window as it was a 3 door,osr seat belt trim,os parcel shelf anchor,and the lower trim panel on o/s in boot ,you do not have to remove the rear bumper to fit the groundplate 1780026 as its quite easy to fit without doing that the groundplate mounts just below the o/s fog light/reflector give the area a good wipe over to remove dirt so that the groundplate sticks better.the wire to the ground plate goes through the chassis rail you should have a small grommet to remove, to make it easier to fit the wire for the ground plate i put a piece of string through the hole in the boot floor then selotaped to the wire and pulled it back through the hole pulling the grommet into place.now you should have some idea of where the aerial amplifer will be located i didn't have a location nut for the bolt to mount the amplifier as Im guessing early models were never meant to have DAB so i mounted mine with a bit of gaffer tape as a temporary measure which may even be permanent . front aerial you do not have to take down the entire headlining as its quite easy routing the cables without doing that,first you'll need to remove your old aerial and cable (this cable runs well behind the dash so rather than take out the dash I cut my cable as close to where it goes behind the dash) remove the A Pillar trim and the piece of foam next to the window and the trim on the lower side of dash obd socket i also unscrewed the obd socket although im not sure i needed to ,remove the speedometer dash & before you run the cable behind the dash i suggest you cut the plug off the electrical connector on the aerial cable and join a new wire to this wire making it the same length to the fakra connectors of the cable as you will be connecting this wire to pin 2 of the radio (which is as you look at the back of the radio its the top row left most pin) tape your new wire to the cable to make it easier to route.the route you take with it should be obvious as there isn't a lot of choice here. once that cable is in place you will need to run the cable from the A pillar fakra connector to the aerial amplifier you should have placed in the boot which is pretty straightforward although i had to drill a hole in the A pillar to locate the peg on the fixing clip an easier option would have been to just cut the peg off the clip as it doesn't need it. Well that was pretty much it really i hope this is of some help to someone as i know when i was looking for info i just couldn't find any. This guide is based on UK car and some of the steps regarding cable routing may be different in left hand drive cars Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Early Loom Mod Picture 4 Sony Screen Picture 5 UCDS Adapter Picture 6 Amp & Groundplate Picture 7 Menu Picture 8 Fitted Picture 9 Pinouts of radio looking at back of radio Picture 10 Aerial Cables UCDS ADAPTER Website
  4. Hello im from the uk and i have a MK 7 2009 fiesta titanium which i have been retro fitting and i recently had success in retro fitting the sony dab without sync into it. i do not speak dutch but i would be willing to write a guide in english with all the part numbers i used and the process i used. I know that fitting dab is a common query in the uk forums and most seem to have no success but it is possible 100% to get working you just need the correct part numbers. would this be of any help to you guys?