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  1. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Detailed today by Steve @ The Shine Machine, Northwich. And my new diff cover complete
  2. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Painted bumper on wife's car, ready for a buffing session next week before Nurburgring trip!
  3. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Some new updates on my diff cover, over at Dave's (Monster) getting some custom treatment before coating in silver with black painted font. Got some nice anodised bolts too, just to make it stand out a bit more The sump plug has a magnet to pick up any bits and they sent 2 by accident, so good for a spare. Powder coated, black paint in font and ready to fit.
  4. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Waiting on my diff cover back from being engraved and coated, so fitted these to pass the time
  5. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Few issues with the standard Supra diff cover being weak and cracking under pressure, so a nice new billet cover that's as strong, well stronger than the cast casing itself will sort that problem out. Truly will be a bomb proof diff then! Additions of oil cooler pump ports added too (currently being made and finished off) Some anodised examples... Mine is on the way with something more special done
  6. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    and my new runaround http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/r...1/$_57.JPG
  7. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Engine Beam and brakes
  8. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Some favourites from the Performance Ford mag coming out soon Exterior
  9. Cochyn

    Focus Cosworth

    Just loved this! Wonder who's the quickest A bit of a clunk had developed in my Supra diff, so I decided to finally get Bara Motorsport to check it out and rebuild it, along with a Weir Performance stage 1 MAXGRIP kit. On inspection, the usual backlash issues with Supra diffs had come to light on mine, but everything else was completely immaculate considering its age. Crush sleeve was replaced along with a couple of seals, but the bearings were spot on (which are about 250 a set ) The original breaking point sat at 40 lb/ft which isn't really good, but after fitting the new kit, its now a good 97 lb/ft. Shouldn't be able to make 1 wheel spin anytime soon There's various other kits available for the kit, but a little extreme for road/track use. More suitable for full on drifters who take the cheaper option of welding their diffs. A little about the kit from the States http://www.weirperformance.com/maxgriplsdkits.html
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