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  1. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park

    Just in-case anyone is wondering I stepped down as a club official after FITP 2016. I assume everything will be the same as usual for you guys. You can e-mail george@fiestaclubgb.co.uk for any details. I will still be there with Ford Sport in either my Focus convertible or the XR2i (unlikely at present - no jokes Jur).
  2. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2015

    A big thank-you to our Dutch cousins from the Fiestaclub.nl Jur, Niels, Robert, Mandy, Roy and Kelly for making the trip over and your help on the day. Some great pics, I may use some of them in the club magazine. Performance Ford are covering the show so I will bring some copies to the EFE for the UK visitors.
  3. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2015

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know George has arranged for a Scampi and Chip meal at the show venue. I think it is around 6pm but we can confirm on the day. You are invited as guests of the FCGB. Kind regards, Andrew PS Warning you better get in before George!!!!!!!
  4. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2015

    Hi all, As usual the Fiesta Club of Great Britain welcomes our Dutch cousins to our show and offers them free entry to the show. You can either joing the FCGB or have your own stand. We are not sure about food for Saturday night at present. We have a couple of options as the showground can lay on say a Fish and Chip or Curry night. A BBQ is also an option plus they can open up their bar. I will get George to confirm about the possibilty to camp the night before and a number of other things.
  5. Andie

    European Ford Event 2014

    I have had to cancel being on the club stand as I do not know when the Fiesta will be ready.......but I will be there in something Swedish!
  6. Andie

    European Ford Event 2014

    Could someone add me and I will sort it out on the day.
  7. Andie

    European Ford Event 2014

    Looks like I will be joining the Fiestaclub.nl this year. .....if you will have me? The XR2i should be painted this week excluding the doors, bonnet and tailgate. The reason for some clubs being in the car parking area in 2013 was because very few clubs booked club stands. It did leave space inside the track.
  8. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2013

    The FCGB would like to send their thanks to the members of Fiestaclub.nl who made the trip to the UK. I will be over for the EFE in September , but it looks like I will be in my Saab. It is touch and go if the Fiesta will be ready, it will not have its new wheels if it is finished though.
  9. Andie

    European Ford Event

    No one can say it is to far, 479km for me.
  10. The FCGB will have a stand at Ford Fair as well, so if you need stand space etc the invite is there as well.
  11. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2013

    A video from last year
  12. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2013

  13. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2013

    As previously said the FCGB will be having a BBQ on Saturday which is free. Pim's special food poisoning is an optional extra! He was quite good really, but my ribs were better! Also, you can camp free on Saturday night only at the racecourse if you are doing a flying visit. Andie
  14. Andie

    Fiesta In The Park 2013

    Someone is early, I have not even updated the website yet! The FCGB will again be having a BBQ with special Dutch guest chef Pim. Also, as in previous years the FC.NL members will be given free admission to the show. The show should also see the return of my white XR2i after nearly a year due to being repainted.
  15. Andie

    Fordfair 2012

    England is probably the most multi-cultural country in the world! German euro style is growing over here but not good with our speed bumps!