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    Geboorte mk7.5?

    @Supergrover The MK7 is the pre-facelift model, so the Fiesta from 2008 to 2013. An easy way to distinguish is through the front grill and lamps. The mk7 and the Mk7.5
  2. Hi @NifTec! Sorry about messaging you in english as I do not want to show my poor dutch for everyone to see 😬 I would perhaps be interested in the whole set. Could you please upload some photos for me to take a look at? (And for other people who might be interested as well) What price are you looking to sell at? Kind regards
  3. That's me! Thanks @Steelmaster
  4. First of all I'm sorry about speaking english in here, I've only recently moved to the Netherlands about 5 months ago so my dutch is still pretty mediocre, so I will save you the embarassement. I'm Hiago, portuguese, 28yo, and recently bought a second/third/fourth hand 2009 fiesta mk7. I will update this post with some pictures of it when I get the chance to take them. I also plan to go to the fiestaclub meeting happening on the 19th of september, good opportunity to get to know more people!
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