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  1. I’m looking forward to replace the air filter box, by any chance someone already have the measurements for the tube? Has anybody passed APK with this modification?
  2. Sounds interesting, that would be a good change, how about CO emissions? APK?
  3. Ibattis

    Passen mistlampen voor ook pre-facelift?

    I have checked a couple of days ago but the dimensions of the housing seems different and of course the whole facia is different, probably a fascia swap?
  4. Ibattis

    Water increase

    Today I’ve found some water on the driver and passenger carpet, is there any known weak point on the 2001 MK6 pre-facelift that I should check? so far, it’s not coolant so it’s not coming from heating I haven’t use the airco in a few days so I don’t think is the water exhaust it’s been raining like hell this days so it should be a leaking inside somewhere thanks in advance
  5. Ibattis

    Fiesta MK6 Grill

    I have read somewhere about DIY, buying another grill, cutting out the logo and -plastic welding- the grill from the secondary grill, any experience about it?
  6. Ibattis

    Stalen velgen verbreden.

    Following this, There is something about widened steel rims that always took my attention.
  7. Ibattis


    Hallo everyone, I recently bought this 2002 MK6, I have no words with this car, it’s absolutely amazing now I want to start a little project with my son (kinda tuning) or just “make it ours”. So I here to learn and share the thoughts with the community.